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Mike Trout Makes July 9th Historical for MLB with 1st Hit


mike_troutAnaheim, CA: It was inevitable that it would happen, but it was always the hope that it would happen at home. After a month of expectations, pressure, and a moment of reflection in the minor leagues, history has been made: Mike Trout got his first major league hit.

Trout, the number 9 hitter and center-fielder for the Angels, made sure that his place in history was marked with an exclamation point with the crack of his bat. In the third inning of only his second major league game, Trout laid down a bunt single, causing the fans at the Angels Stadium of Anaheim to erupt at the accomplishment. After he had arrived safely at 1st base, his team took a near 5 minute timeout so that they could all give him congratulatory hugs. The umpires conceded to the accolades, given the intensity of the moment.

“If I had written it up and gave it to a sportscaster, I wouldn’t have even bought it, to be quite honest with you,” stated Trout after the game. “I’m just relieved it happened, honestly.”

To cap off the monumental accomplishment, the Angels then went on to win the game against the Mariners 9-3, which is always a priority for Trout rather than personal accomplishment. “It would have been awkward to be out there hugging my teammates, doing interviews and waving to the crowd in the middle of the game if we had lost,” Trout explained.

With the riveting bunt single, Trout joins a discriminating club of about 17,393 major league baseball players that have also reached this milestone.

“I don’t think you could script it any better,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. “This is already movie-ready … to get your 1st and only hit on a bunt single, is just remarkable the day that he had.”

Of course this place in history isn’t good for everyone.

“I’d rather not be the answer to that trivia question but I am,” Mariners pitcher Michael Pineda said. “It’s tough. He was going to do it off somebody and it just so happened to be me. I’m a part of it.”

Always with the team as a focus, Mike Trout explained how the pressure is off, and that the team, fans, and himself can now get back to focusing on playing baseball and winning. “It’s over now. Now the hits are just hits. That is, until I get close to catching up with Pete Rose’s 4,256. We’ll see how that pans out.”

Lesser-known baseball player Derek Jeter also supposedly made history for accumulating 3,000 women in one Manhattan apartment.

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