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Jacksonville Jaguars Begin Move to LFL with New Logo


Jacksonville, FL: The Jacksonville Jaguars have been hard-pressed to gain any sort of relevancy in the NFL for the past 5 years. With a team that features annual Pro Bowl running back Maurice Jones-Drew (when he’s healthy) and a supporting cast of flag football castaways, the Jaguars have posted a  27-53 record these past 5 years to claim the crown of most maligned football team after the Kansas City Chiefs.

jaguars_newlogoThe Jaguars now seem ready to make the next necessary step forward, as the team has unveiled its updated logo in the hopes of generating buzz. That step, of course, is not in regards to the coming NFL Draft or free agent signings. It is the definitive step for the team to enter the Legends Football League, formerly the Lingerie Football League.

The plan began when the Tampa Breeze was relocated to Jacksonville in September of last year. When the question of where the LFL team would play, Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena was put on the table. Some had assumed that the Jaguars home of EverBank Field was also implied as available.

“The Jaguars have been trying to keep themselves off of the NFL blackout list as much as possible,” stated sports analyst Paul Emmerlan. “The idea to replace the Jaguars with an LFL team to help this cause seemed obvious. Ticket prices would be less, and fans would see beautiful women in bikinis and shoulder-pads beating the crap out of each other for sport. Everyone wins.”

While this joke seemed to lose steam thanks to the possibility of London gaining an NFL team and the Jacksonville Jaguars being pushed to the front of the line for the move, this new logo seems to point back towards the LFL idea. Instead of the crudely cartoonish but menacing jaguar in the original logo, Jacksonville has launched a sleeker, sexier, more vibrant jaguar logo that couldn’t be more feminine if it had a litter of cubs nuzzling at its teat.

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Patrick is a self-proclaimed NFL analyst, critic, and lampooner, but he has also been known to provide commentary on baseball, basketball, hockey, MMA, and even cricket one time when he was delirious. Patrick is also a major homer when it comes to sports teams in his home state of NY, although he reserves the majority of his mockery to those teams. His heartbreaking teams are the New York Jets (football), New York Knicks (basketball), New York Islanders (hockey), Long Island Lizards (lacrosse), and evens it all out as a fan of the New York Yankees (baseball).