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Ray Lewis to Continue Insanity Past NFL


ray_lewis1Baltimore, MD: It’s hard to get away from Ray Lewis, especially if you’re at a Super Bowl party in Atlanta (allegedly). Even before the Ravens’ linebacker/cheerleader announced his plan to retire whenever the Ravens’ 2012 season came to an end, you would be hard-pressed to have no clue who Ray Lewis was.

Lewis’ rise to stardom began not with a Ravens win for Super Bowl XXXV, but in the controversy he was involved in when he pleaded guilty of obstruction of justice in the fatal stabbings of two people in Atlanta at a post-Super Bowl party. This activity led to Ray Lewis being barred from Disneyland and one of the greatest TV Funhouse segments to grace NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

TV Funhouse- Ray Lewis by AC310DC

Not much was heard from Ray Lewis after that, in part due to the Ravens fading away for the next 10 years. Ray Lewis, however, began gaining momentum in 2010 when he was featured in multiple Old Spice commercials, each more ridiculous than the previous. From there, Lewis was featured in Madden commercials alongside awkward funnyman Paul Rudd.

Now, with a second Super Bowl victory and a promise to his son to see him play football in college, Ray Lewis will most likely embark on a trip to that magical place that professional sports veterans go before they die: Hollywood.

Taking into account the many talents of Ray Lewis, such as striking fear into the heart of former Bengals and Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason, dancing to the beat of his own drum, literally, and screaming so loud in the pre-game huddle that he gets fans riled up, Ray Lewis has been primed to take on roles in film and television to continue to entertain his fans while off the field.

While a role in Dancing with the Stars seems all but assured, and probably short-lived, the knowledge that Arrested Development will be airing its 4th season on Netflix in May brings about the idea that Ray Lewis could make a cameo. Using sophisticated video technology in the hands of a 5 year old child, we were able to construct what a Ray Lewis scene in Arrested Development may look like.


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