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Sanchez and Jets West Camp Train to Be Even Worse This Year


Somewhere in CA: As Mark Sanchez attempts to revive his moribund career, he is once again holding a Jets West training session which pretends to be a productive off season pre-training camp for professional football athletes on the New York Jets. Aside from the irony of that description, it’s duly noted how successful this camp has been in the past as Sanchez’s passer rating continues to tumble into 3rd string territory.


We weep for the future of Mark Sanchez’ protege, whoever he may be.

An interesting subplot in this otherwise uninteresting non story is the exclusion of Jets draft pick and next in line QB messiah of New Jersey – Geno Smith. Smith, a mediocre college QB that is somehow seen as the QB of the future, was apparently invited to Jets West but refused to participate, apparently, during a fit of insight, because he did not want his skills to regress. Sanchez, near the bottom in nearly every conceivable QB category (excluding butt fumbles and nude dancing, both of which he’s among the leaders) is rumored to be working on a new butt fumble, one that will seem even more inconceivable and ridiculous than his original, which has been thought hard to top.

Jets coach Rex Ryan is rumored to make an appearance at Jets West. He obviously hasn’t been staying busy in New York installing game plans so why not head to the west coast? Joe Namath is also rumored to make an appearance, ostensibly since Suzy Kolber is rumored to cover the camp.

Sanchez, a Glee fan, has grown his hair out this off-season and is now pulling it back with an extremely girly hair band. No headband, which has been deemed way too masculine and un-Glee like. The hair bands come in different colors including a predictable rainbow hair band. This doesn’t have anything to do with Jets West BFC, but is merely an amusing aside. There’s nothing left to say but…Go Jets!

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