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Sage Rosenfels Makes Biggest Play of NFL Career by Retiring


Omaha, NE: It is official. Sage Rosenfels was still an active free agent in the NFL this past off-season.

After 11 years, the 35 year old perennial backup quarterback finally made headlines. The news didn’t have to do with an amazing comeback story, nor did it have to do with a scandal or arrest. Sage Rosenfels made headlines by reminding football fans that he was a pro football player in the NFL by announcing his retirement from the NFL.


Contrary to popular belief, Sage Rosenfels, not Brett Favre, had once fallen and couldn’t get up.

“I always knew the day would come. I just didn’t think I’d be 35 when it finally happened. I will soon be turning in my paperwork to the NFL and formally retiring after a 12 year career,” Rosenfels wrote on his Facebook page. “Like most NFL players, I wish I could have played a couple more seasons, but usually the league is done with you before you are done with it.” – Sage Rosenfels via Facebook page via Adam Caplan

There were a few moments during his time with the Vikings that Rosenfels was mistaken for Brett Favre, but this was quickly corrected when Rosenfels was followed and seen going to temple.

The early retirement of Rosenfels has prompted many sports analysts to discuss how a new breed of young quarterbacks is pushing more aging veterans out of the sport.

“It was different in the last decade,” stated NFL correspondent Paul Emmerlan. “Jeff Garcia was a hundred years old when he won the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rosenfels could have been this decade’s Garcia. Maybe.”

It seemed that Rosenfels could have been waiting in the wings of many teams with young quarterbacks that seemed to be doomed, including Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets, Kevin Kolb of the Buffalo Bills, Matt Flynn of the Oakland Raiders, Blaine Gabbert of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams, Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions, and any quarterback on the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately for these teams, Sage rosenfels went the route of retirement.

Rosenfels has played 2nd string and 3rd string behind such greats as:

A) Tony Banks and Jeff George on the Washington Redskins

B) Jay Fielder, Brian Griese, A.J. Feeley, Gus Frerotte, and Chad Henne on the Miami Dolphins

C) David Carr and Matt Schaub on the Houston Texans

D) Brett Favre on the Minnesota Vikings

E) Eli Manning of the New York Giants

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