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Mark Sanchez Stays the Course of Last Season, Throws INTs in Training Camp


Cortland, NY: It seems that “Jets West” is doing absolutely nothing that it should have.

The New York Jets training camp began has begun, and current starting quarterback Mark Sanchez is continuing his dominance at his position in terms of throwing enough interceptions to make Derek Anderson blush. One interception came in 11-on-11 drills Monday. Others have come during 1-on-1 drills.


Careful, Geno. You don’t WANT to look like Mark Sanchez.

In contrast, alleged under-dog for the starting QB position, rookie Geno Smith, has thrown no interceptions as of yet. Considering that some of the main goals for the Jets this year is to limit turnovers and rest their defense by giving them at least three downs to regain their composure, some would say this puts Smith in the lead for the starting position.

But what of this Jets West mini-camp that Mark Sanchez stages every year? Wouldn’t such a camp help warm p quarterbacks and receivers so that they are on the same page earlier in training camp? Apparently not. Who knows how many interceptions Geno Smith may have thrown if he bothered to fly out to California for the festivities.

In other news, Mark Sanchez threw another interception in practice on Wednesday. At this rate, the 5th year quarterback will start the 2013 NFL season with a 16.6 quarterback rating.

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