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NFL Players Show Solidarity with Sanchez Headband


Oft beleaguered Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has finally done something right. No, it wasn’t his first pass of the new NFL season, which was an interception. Sanchez, trendsetter du jour has finally gotten people to follow him in terms of style that a GQ Magazine spread never could.

And follow him they have. Sanchez showed up this off-season wearing a preposterous, effeminate headband type thing that looks suspiciously like a large zip-tie.


The first question Sanchez had to answer regarding his new, ever present headband, was this: “Mark, you kinda look queer with that thing in your hair – does this actually serve a purpose for you?” Sanchez responded that it did. “I feel it gives me strength – strength to carry on in the face of adversity.” Fair enough. And lord knows there’s plenty of adversity for him to handle, at least on the football field.

The headband, now optimistically coined a manband (although this is pushing it with the ever prideful Sanchez) is catching on like wildfire, finally, after numerous press conferences and training camp appearances.

Well, a trend it has finally become. Recent photos have shown Peyton Manning, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and even annual suspension Ndamukong Suh donning a Sanchez inspired manband. Manning, questioned at a recent press conference while wearing the band said “Listen, a man is never more masculine then when he’s wearing something with ‘man’ in the name. This look inspires confidence and as a side benefit, it also inspires closeted gays to come out of the closet”.

suh_headbandJerry Jones was even more direct. “I’m from Arkansas, where the thought of merely wearing your hair long was once thought to mean you weren’t very tough. Now I can wear my hair long and wear a manband and I gain strength from it just like Sanchez. I’m going to try to convince Tony Romo to give up the backwards cap and take on the manband. Be a man, Tony!”

Ndamukong Suh merely pointed to his manband and head-butted our reporter when asked about the headgear.

And so it goes. The manband is the new rage. Twitter is, well, all atwitter with tweets about Sanchez’s manband obsession. Geno Smith, in the wake of his first outing as a Jet (and his first injury) is rumored to be considering getting one, even though there is no hair to push back on his head.

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