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New York Mets Strive to Trade Murphy Before his Santa Debut



Flushing, NY: The curse of Santa may be alive and well for the New York Mets.

For years, players who have dressed up as jolly old Saint Nick for the club’s annual Christmas celebration have either been traded or become injured shortly after. Kris Benson, John Maine, Mike Cameron and Jeff Francoeur are some of the names that have succumbed to the curse.

Of course, the idea of a curse could just be that these players are victims of circumstance. The Mets’ Christmas party is held before MLB’s winter meetings, a time where deals get done and the stockings of teams and players get stuffed.

But what would happen if the Mets traded Santa before the annual Christmas party? That question may soon be answered as this year’s Santa, second baseman Daniel Murphy, is being shopped around by the Mets. Murphy is in his second year of arbitration, and stands to be granted more than the pennies he garnered last year, $2.925 million.

While the extra bump in change may bring Murphy’s salary to somewhere between $4-5 million, it stands to reason that this is chump change in comparison to Robinson Cano’s deal with the Seattle Mariners of $240 million over 10 years. That’s $24 million per year. It stands to reason that Daniel Murphy could be a nice replacement with the added bonus of saving $19 million a year.

No wonder the Mets are looking for top value.

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