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Vick Optimistic About Being Injured on New NFL Team in 2014


Mel Evans/AP

Philadelphia, PA: With the seasonal injury to Michael Vick making way for Nick Foles to shine as the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, it is all but assumed that come off-season, Vick will be looking for a job. It is Vick’s hope to land a starting quarterback job with another NFL team in 2014 in order to promptly injure himself mid-way through the season.

Vick agreed to a restructured contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in the off-season, replacing the six-year, $100 million contract signed in 2011 with a one-year, $3.5 million contract that could blossom to $10 million if Vick hit incentive marks. He earned $3.5 million in incentives by beating out Nick Foles for the starting job at quarterback, but earned little else after passing for 1,215 yards with five touchdowns and three interceptions in seven games this season before injuring his hamstring and losing the starting job to Foles for the remainder of the season and, so far, the playoffs.

While Vick’s skills as a mobile quarterback helped steer Chip Kelly’s speedster offense in the beginning, his 33-year old body has not held up to the pace of any offense, missing games due to injury every season since 2009.

Luckily, many NFL teams looking for a quarterback at the moment are used to having at carousel at the position. Michael Vick could easily be the quarterback to get the ride going for the 2014 season. These teams include the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, and Houston Texans.

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