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Too Soon? Fantasy Football Defense Rankings 2014 Preview




Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

Continuing our idea of covering the less important positions in fantasy football first in a “Too Soon” draft preview, we move on from kickers to give you our rankings of NFL defense and special teams packages.

In the actual game of football, a stellar defense is extremely important. But just like in a real NFL game, a fantasy D/ST can only be as good as the team’s offense coupled with how bad the opponent’s offense is. You can have a defense that only allows 50 yards a game and still get screwed if those 50 yards are accumulated in the red zone over and over again because your quarterback keeps throwing picks and your running back can’t hold onto the football. And unless you had Devin Hester in the backfield for the past 5 years, kick and punt returns are usually a point bonus that you don’t rely on.

And unless you pick up a top 5 defense, chances are you are going to trade or release yours when the Bye Week comes, so why worry too much about it? I think I changed by defense 5 or 6 times last year after the Houston Texans defense was left for dead by all of Matt Schaub’s touchdown passes… for the opposing teams.

We will get more in depth with all positions as the NFL season draws closer but, for now, here is our D/ST rankings list based on:

a) Strength of defense.

b) Turnover ratio.

c) Opponent scoring potential/strength of schedule.

d) Special teams ability.

Have questions about defense/special teams rankings? Or just want to tell me how ridiculous my rankings are? Go ahead and comment, or email me at


Fantasy Football Pre-Rankings 2014
Defense/Special Teams
Player Team Rank Bye Week
Seahawks D/ST SEA DEF1 4
Panthers D/ST CAR DEF2 12
Broncos D/ST DEN DEF3 4
49ers D/ST SF DEF4 8
Cardinals D/ST ARI DEF5 4
Rams D/ST STL DEF6 4
Chiefs D/ST KC DEF7 6
Patriots D/ST NE DEF8 10
Ravens D/ST BAL DEF9 11
Bengals D/ST CIN DEF10 4
Bills D/ST BUF DEF11 9
Browns D/ST CLE DEF12 4
Buccaneers D/ST TB DEF13 7
Jets D/ST NYJ DEF14 11
Saints D/ST NO DEF15 6
Texans D/ST HOU DEF16 10
Steelers D/ST PIT DEF17 12
Lions D/ST DET DEF18 9
Giants D/ST NYG DEF19 8
Colts D/ST IND DEF20 10
Bears D/ST CHI DEF21 9
Packers D/ST GB DEF22 9
Chargers D/ST SD DEF23 10
Eagles D/ST PHI DEF24 7
Raiders D/ST OAK DEF25 5
Titans D/ST TEN DEF26 9
Falcons D/ST ATL DEF27 9
Dolphins D/ST MIA DEF28 5
Redskins D/ST WAS DEF29 10
Vikings D/ST MIN DEF30 10
Jaguars D/ST JAC DEF31 11
Cowboys D/ST DAL DEF32 11


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