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NFL Players Leave Free Agency Pool Before Free Agency Even Begins



New York, NY: The off-season schedule for the NFL is in full swing. Teams have franchised, extended the contracts of, and even cut players leading up to the official beginning of the season, that magical time that bonuses engage and salary caps are unavoidable.

Now comes the time to fill those holes with players looking to make a pay-day or, at the very least, play. Free agency may not be open until Tuesday afternoon but, with weekend full of potential contracts and alleged releases, the free agency pool of professional football seems to have dried up before it was even opened.

Here are some of the players that only have to sign their name to be on their alleged teams, new or old. Let’s see if anything weird happens to prove any of these “all-but-signed” contracts a mere rumor.

1) Ndamukong Suh, defensive tackle: Detroit Lions to Miami Dolphins

2) Randall Cobb, wide receiver: Green Bay Packers to Green Bay Packers

3) Jeremy Maclin, wide receiver: Philadelphia Eagles to Kansas City Chiefs

4) Devin McCourty, free safety: New England Patriots to New England Patriots

5) Brandon Flowers, cornerback: San Diego Chargers to San Diego Chargers

6) Mark Ingram, running back: New Orleans Saints to New Orleans Saints

7) Frank Gore, running back: San Francisco 49ers to Philadelphia Eagles

8) Byron Maxwell, cornerback: Seattle Seahawks to Philadelphia Eagles

9) Tyson Alualu, defensive end: Jacksonville Jaguars to Jacksonville Jaguars

10) Darius Butler, cornerback: Indianapolis Colts to Indianapolis Colts

11) Darnell Dockett, defensive end (CUT): Arizona Cardinals to San Francisco 49ers

12) David Harris, linebacker: New York Jets to New York Jets

13) Josh McCown, quarterback (CUT): Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Cleveland Browns

14) Mark Sanchez, quarterback: Philadelphia Eagles to Philadelphia Eagles

15) Cole Beasely, wide receiver: Dallas Cowboys to Dallas Cowboys

About Author

Patrick is a self-proclaimed NFL analyst, critic, and lampooner, but he has also been known to provide commentary on baseball, basketball, hockey, MMA, and even cricket one time when he was delirious. Patrick is also a major homer when it comes to sports teams in his home state of NY, although he reserves the majority of his mockery to those teams. His heartbreaking teams are the New York Jets (football), New York Knicks (basketball), New York Islanders (hockey), Long Island Lizards (lacrosse), and evens it all out as a fan of the New York Yankees (baseball).